Quebec Art Company
Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Regular rehearsals are held twice a week Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoon for a 10 to 12 week period before the play. Extra rehearsals may be required on an ad hoc basis.

Technical rehearsal and dress rehearsal are held the weekend prior to the shows opening.

Performances are usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings with a possible Sunday matinee.


The following Quebec Art Company policies are applicable:

  • Audience members may send flowers to actors backstage, either before or after a performance, never to actors on stage during the performance including during applause.
  • Actors in costume are to be seen only on stage or during performances, not off-stage; nor should they be seen in costume before the show, during intermission, or after the show. Before leaving the backstage areas, the onstage ‘character’ must be broken (costumes).
  • In venues where reserved seating is not possible, seats may be reserved for special-needs patrons or under special circumstances. Any reserved seating must be authorized by the person in charge of Front of House or an executive member.
  • Filming, photography or any other form or reproduction of any performance is prohibited by copyright engagements with the licensing companies.
  • Anything to do with communication/promotion has to be pre-approved by the communications director. Please do not post any photos or videos while in rehearsal unless otherwise accepted by QAC executive.
  • All mailings of promotional or marketing material must be issued by QAC. The use of cast or members lists of the QAC are strictly for QAC related business.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or recreational drugs are not permitted during rehearsal and before or during performances. The consumption of alcoholic beverages may be permitted at after-production events specifically organized by QAC, at the sole discretion of the production team.
  • Only those involved in the production are permitted backstage or in the green room before, during, and after a performance.
  • Actors are expected to be on time and attend every rehearsal and performance scheduled unless prior arrangements are made with the production team.
  • As a non-secular or non-political group, no solicitation will be allowed unless authorized by a QAC executive.



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