Quebec Art Company is Quebec City’s foremost English-language community theatre group, founded in 1981. Over the course of 40 years, our diverse group of members have come together and offered their time, talent and love of theatre to make our productions possible. QAC has staged more than 70 plays and musicals, ranging from the eclectic to the classic, all of them featuring high production standards that earned the company a solid reputation for consistent quality entertainment.

Although it was founded in 1981 as the Quebec Art Company, its roots can be traced back many decades. English community theatre groups have been producing shows under different names since the 1940’s. In 1981, a committed group of seasoned men and women decided that the time had come to set down those roots and this community theatre company took hold. Mandate in hand, the shows went on!

In the beginning the company produced one musical per year, their first three being the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. In 1988, a play was added to the yearly musical production, which continued for ten years. Since then, at least one play or musical has been produced each year. We currently produce two shows a year, with a musical every second year.
QAC has used various venues for their productions, including A Christmas Carol at Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral and Jesus Christ Superstar at Chalmers-Wesley United Church. The company was originally based at St. Michael’s Church Hall, which served as a hub for the English community. In 2005, we found a new stage at Holland Elementary School, where we still hold rehearsals and store furniture and props. With the opening of the Industrial Alliance Auditorium-CEGEP Champaign St Lawrence in 2018, QAC has been welcomed into their beautiful new space.

Each production requires an incredible amount of work, all proudly done by volunteers. We attract a diverse crowd of enthusiastic, dedicated and uniquely talented people with one thing in common: the love of theatre. This has created a community that continues to prosper and grow together, where each new production brings out welcomed new faces, both on our production teams and in our growing audiences.

We have certainly expanded our boundaries over the years, but we will always remain true to our roots: an English community theatre company, offering the best possible productions we can. We look forward to continue growing and doing what we do best: entertaining you, our patrons and members!

Thank you for your support.
Quebec Art Company, Executive
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