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Photos: Normand Brassard, Yvan Breton, Kyle Chapman & QAC
Behind the Scenes

Four decades of community theatre does not happen with just a handful of people. What the audience sees on the stage is a mere slice of all the work that is involved. Quebec Art Company has lasted this long thanks to the efforts of many. We could not have produced such quality shows without the following “key roles” filled by such a large crew of talented people.
  • Directors, musical directors, choreographers and production managers bring the vision to life.
  • Seamstresses skillfully tailor, assemble and coordinate costumes to fit the period and genre.
  • Carpenters, builders, artists and painters imagine and build functional and dazzling sets.
  • Makeup artists add the visual touches to give characters a sharp and vivid impact.
  • Stage managers, technical crew and stagehands make sure all the moving parts come together harmoniously, even in complete darkness. Don’t forget your props!
  • Visual artists create posters and playbills and make our website look amazing.
  • Volunteers welcome our patrons to every performance with a smile and some goodies for the intermission.

There is no such thing as a small role. Everyone plays an integral part in making a show a success.

About this Website
Building upon the previous work of QAC's members, this website was designed and is updated by Yvan Breton. The content is made available thanks to the meticulous archival work done by our predecessors, as well as the contributions from members and friends.

If you would like further information or if you have material that could enrich our website, please contact us.

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